At Sigma, the art of listening is the key to understanding

As a full-service marketing research company, we have been the objective ears of our clients for nearly 30 years. Our marketing research has influenced the decisions of clients on 3 continents, from local non-profit groups to multinational corporations.
Our goal as your marketing research partner is to help find or create the most effective method for answering those marketing questions central to your research objectives. This might involve a single methodology such as a series of Focus Groups or an online survey. Or the search for information may require a combination of techniques such as ONLINE Bulletin Board Sessions, mobile research and Social Media Research. Marketing research has changed from merely asking questions to Respondent Involved Research techniques that have been developed to go Beyond the Voice of the Customer.
At Sigma we are pleased to be able to provide the capabilities of a large marketing research corporation while offering the agility, flexibility and personalized care and attention you might expect from an independent consultant. Let our experienced ears capture those elusive unspoken gems. Sigma will deliver results truly meaningful to the success of your organization.