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We are pleased to highlight projects that resulted in actions, such as a successful product launches, as a result of our research. However, all studies do not result in a green light. In fact, several of the following examples sent development teams “back to the drawing board” and saved our clients a great deal of money in doing so. We love to give good news, but are not afraid of telling it like it is…

Problem Global start-up was experiencing (and welcoming) growth externally necessitating the need to address internal organizational issues. Current management and employees were stretched thin and needed to keep their eyes on the current activity, yet address the growth issues.

Problem How to obtain accurate user feedback when the product is an automobile child safety seat and the “users” are infants and toddlers.

Problem A company providing solutions to the professional software development community had conceptualized a product based on the availability of new development tools, but had no way of measuring potential acceptance of their concept within this narrow market segment.

Problem  Evaluate the potential of a joint venture product development within the ever-changing consumer technology marketplace.

Problem A client organization was conducting a number of sales promotions with varying degrees of success. Client management needed to understand the perception of these promotions among the sales force. It was important to obtain candid opinions from these sales people and to insure them that there would be no backlash as a result of what they might have to say.

Problem  To uncover consumer motivations and emotional ties to what outwardly appear to be mundane household tasks

Problem Discover the attitudes and needs of pharmaceutical customers who have ongoing debilitating physical conditions or diseases. These sensitive conditions are such that they might either discourage or prevent the respondent from participating in face-to-face research.

Problem  Following a round of clinical trials, a European research agency wished to investigate reaction to a specific medical concept in the U.S., as part of a global study.

Problem  An industrial client felt their business was over-dependent on revenue from one specific industry segment and wished to investigate other potential business opportunities.

Problem Anticipate the constantly changing demands of both the consumer and B2B marketplace within the technology sector.

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