Organizational Development

Foster and the Sigma team have made a great contribution to our efficiency as a growing firm.  From working with Senior Management to facilitating employee workshops to recruiting talented people globally.  They’re always ready to meet the challenge head-on

Rod Vautier, President
BiOWiSH Technologies, Incv

You are an established company and as part of your strategic agenda you need to evaluate the structure of your organization to move forward.

Or…you are a late stage start-up; you’ve jumped the initial funding hurdles with proven successes. You need to continue your growth trajectory without losing focus on your fundamental business objectives.

While the challenges can be quite different to these organizations, the process for meeting those challenges begins with listening. With over 30 years’ experience of Active Listening, that’s where we begin.

We listen to learn and understand – about your challenges, your objectives, your stakeholders, your customers and most certainly about your company culture.

    Examples of Recent Projects

    • Recruitment of strategic talent (on-going)
    • Workshops to improve interaction and communications within a growing global company
    • Facilitating senior management strategy and goal-setting sessions
    • Planning, design and management of office designs to optimize layout and interaction
    • Implementation of processes designed to be aligned with the company culture
      For a growing firm, it is very difficult to focus on the developing business while engaging in the recruiting and hiring process.

      You are well aware of the fact that your employees are the most valuable asset of your company.  We understand the importance of finding the right people who are technically qualified as well as a good fit for your company culture.  At the same time, we recognize the need for your management team to be as time efficient as possible during the talent acquisition process. ..

      Here are a few of the talented people we’ve recruited who are now

      contributing to organization growth…

      • VP, Supply Chain
      • Sr. Implementation Scientist
      • Technical Sales and Service (SE Asia)
      • Accounting Manager
      • VP Finance
      • Sales & Marketing Assistant
      • Sr. Product Development Manager
      • Global Product Developent Director
      • Office Administrator
      • Country sales Manager (Ex-pat, Asia)
      • Regional sales Manager (US)
      • Marketing Communications Director

      We keep your key people out of the weeds during the recruiting process!

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