Talent Acquisition

For a growing firm, it is very difficult to focus on the developing business while engaging in the recruiting and hiring process.

You are well aware of the fact that your employees are the most valuable asset of your company.  We understand the importance of finding the right people who are technically qualified as well as a good fit for your company culture.  At the same time, we recognize the need for your management team to be as time efficient as possible during the talent acquisition process. ..

Here are a few of the talented people we’ve recruited who are now

contributing to organization growth…

  • VP, Supply Chain
  • Sr. Implementation Scientist
  • Technical Sales and Service (SE Asia)
  • Accounting Manager
  • VP Finance
  • Sales & Marketing Assistant
  • Sr. Product Development Manager
  • Global Product Developent Director
  • Office Administrator
  • Country sales Manager (Ex-pat, Asia)
  • Regional sales Manager (US)
  • Marketing Communications Director

We keep your key people out of the weeds during the recruiting process!

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